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Micro-Drones That Are Completely 3D Printed

3D printing will surely revolutionize the way we shop, repair and invent things in the near future. Researchers from the Harvard University have created tiny micro-drones that are totally 3D printed and feature intricate technologies incorporated into them. They are as large as a thumbnail and can reach a wing flap frequency of up to 30 hertz (a frequency where you can no longer see the wing’s contours). The micro-drones are powered by an external power source, which makes them a little bit limited to where they can actually “fly.” They are 3D printed into a kind of ceramic, carbon fiber and plastic scaffolding that pushes the micro-drones up, releases the lock mechanism and finally releases the bee micro-drones. Future applications of these artificial bees are not clear at the moment, though it may be assumed that they could be used for recon missions, tight space repairs and a whole lot of other endeavors. The manufacturing process of the micro-drones is demonstrated in the video below.

Via Science Gymnasium

7 comments on “Micro-Drones That Are Completely 3D Printed
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  2. Warren Austen Lewis on said:

    Amazing!!!! With other micro Technologies, ie Sensors, camera’s etc the possible applications of this little drone are virtually unlimited. The new 3D technologies are definitely the Future, from Food to Medicine only our Imaginations will limit us keep up the great work……

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